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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dried Corn

The American Girl store in Chicago, and now New York City, is one of the most innovative and complete retail experiences I have seen, equal to or ahead of Ralph Lauren next door and Apple across Michigan Avenue. I doubt you know a young girl below the age of say 11 who does not have an American Girl doll, usually two or more, particularily if you are counting Bitty Babies. We have crossed paths several times. Jennie Grunseth, a member of our repertory company and favorite star of the Round Barn Theatre's stage, performed in the American Girl Theatre productions last year until returning as Belle in Beauty and the Beast for the holidays. Susie and I are, perhaps, the only grandparents to see their show without granddaughters in tow!

Now for the second time we are supplying twenty five pounds of dried corn to the store so it can be ground into cornmeal pioneer style for Josefina's birthday celebration in the store and café. Josefina is one of the historical dolls of Native American heritage. It still seems you can get everything you can imagine on the Magnificent Mile, except dried corn. It takes Amish Acres to fill that order.


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