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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Birthday Party

I did't write yesterday. I watched Indiana beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis with my dad. My second granddaughter was eight this week. I say this week because for her generation there are a series of celebrations, a movable party. Yesterday afternoon there was a '50s theme party for six of her girlfriends. The decorations, favors (each girl gets a favor that is the equivilent of a gift to the birthday girl in the past), paper plates, plastic coaster in the shape of a 78 LP record, and mobiles of Cadillacs come in a single package from the Internet. Following the party I joined them for opening night of Tim Allen's The Shaggy Dog. The family party is tomorrow. I just realized if I at her age had the equivilent party, it would have a 1900's party, not the Gay Nineties, not the Roaring Twenties, just 1900, the first year for the New York Auto Show. The Kodak Brownie camera and the hamburger had not yet been invented.


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