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Amish Acres® Historic Farm and Heritage Resort is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is America's most complete Amish heritage experience featuring historic interpretation, culinary and performing arts, lodging, and shopping.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cracked Eggs

We're nearly back to normal. Over the first weekend to be open in the 2006 season things went well for our guests, but behind the scenes is was cracked eggs. Our web host attempted to increase the capacity for to 2 gig, but hit the decimal first: .2 gig. That immediately threw our website into deep freeze. The hard drive at The Inn at Amish Acres crashed and burned. The service tech had to drive to Grand Rapids to retrieve another. The software we use for our group sales department stalled at a corrupted data base. Three days later we got to a person who could fix it in minutes. My Acrobat® is doing cartwheels when all I am trying to do is back bends. I'm sure relieved we are running a historical Amish farm that shuns modern convieniences. I don't know how we'd deal with technology.


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