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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wedding Receptions

My wife and I were married in the Methodist Church folllowed by a reception in the basement with punch and cookies. Saturday night we hosted a reception for a couple whose name is in a Crayola box. This is the second reception, the first was in the bride's native Brazil following the wedding were she took her vows in English and he in Portuguese. By wearing the wedding gown at both receptions, it makes its cost seem half as much.

The high level planning by the groom's parents has been going on for weeks, actually months, for this American reception. The details are staggering, the etiquite carefully considered, and the menu choices detailed to the last leaf of the salad. We have created an entire industry around wedding receptions. The evening ended on the father of the groom's high note, "I can't thank you all enough. Your staff was so attentive, beyond what we could've expected. If I had more kids, I'd have their weddings here." The groom, who on his game, said, "Well, Dad, you could pay for the grandkids' weddings here when they're getting married!" I'm glad we can afford it.


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