Amish Acres

Amish Acres® Historic Farm and Heritage Resort is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is America's most complete Amish heritage experience featuring historic interpretation, culinary and performing arts, lodging, and shopping.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Audrie and Kathy

In 1967 NIPSCO sent a photograher to the fledgling arts and crafts festival for a cover spread in its corporate magazine. He snapped this study of Audrie and younger sister Kathy (contrary to this photograph, they are not twins) studying the portrait artist with inquisitive eyes as they pop corn from the antique wagon in the background.

The festival was the feasibility study for Amish Acres and, now in its 44th year, has moved from these downtown roots to Amish Acres. It has grown to its number three ranking in the U.S. (Sunshine Artist magazine) and a 2006 Top 100 Event in North America (American Bus Association). Audrey has now been assistant general manger at Amish Acres for going on twenty years and is a young grandmother. Kathy has been on call for a number of years to help Audrie as needed, the ultimate pinch hitter. Now she is coming on a more full time basis as a gift shop display and decorator. I love these stories!


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