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Amish Acres® Historic Farm and Heritage Resort is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is America's most complete Amish heritage experience featuring historic interpretation, culinary and performing arts, lodging, and shopping.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

4,000 Bigger, Brighter, Easier Artist Applications are in the Mail

Seven of us sat in the Inn's Lilac Room and stuffed and sealed 4,000 twelve page applications last week. It has been gone over with a fine tooth comb (cliche) and brought up to match Amish Acres 50th Anniversary plans. If you have not received yours, please Jingle Jenni at or (574) 773-4188 ext. 215.

An active Online Application is also new for 2012. It is even easier to use and for the first time, application's can make deposits with credit cards.



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