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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nappanee Chamber of Commerce Proclamation

Whereas, Amish Acres works with the business, merchants, and industry to advance the civic, economic, professional, and cultural life of the City of Nappanee; and
Whereas, Amish Acres has contributed to the civic, cultural, and economic life of Nappanee for 41 years; and
Whereas, this year marks the 25th Anniversary of Amish Acres production of Plain and Fancy; and
Whereas, Amish Acres and its employees exemplify the Embrace the Pace lifestyle of Nappanee; and
Whereas, Amish Acres encourages the growth of the Arts in our community; and
Whereas, Amish Acres has succeeded in bringing together the Amish and the English through the production of Plain and Fancy and
Whereas, Amish Acres has dedicated the past 25 years to Plain and Fancy, along with dedicating the Joseph Stein stage, author of Plain and Fancy; and
Whereas, Plain and Fancy has surpass over 3600 performances and viewed by over 344,000 attendees
Now, Therefore, I, Jeff Kitson, Executive Director of the Nappanee Chamber of Commerce, do hereby proclaim July 16, 2011 as

Plain and Fancy Day
In the City of Nappanee and call its significance to the citizens of the City of Nappanee. In Witness Whereof, DONE, this sixteenth day of July, 2011

Jeff Kitson
Executive Director
Nappanee Chamber of Commerce


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