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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breakfast with Santa Kids' Lists

Football suit, helmet, shirt, pants, pads, mouth guard

Nike sport outfit, Wacky socks, Nutcracker, A baby, a picture, a mobigo of my own and some new toys


Ryan’s List
Big Nerf gun, Walking Iron Man, Glow in the dark crayons, Zhu Zhu Pets, Walking Kitty, Guy who bangs on window (big foot), Walking Magatron, Flying reindeer, Snowman who turns off decorations

Barbie house, Book Nora, New coat, Barbie

Scooter, Littlest Pet shop, Barbie, Movies, Fairytopia, Zoo Zoo pets (2 of them), Books, Strawberry short cake, Barbie, Random Poly Pockets, Doll house that talks, My little Pony, Rainbow Dash, Wigs, Dress up clothes, Lotion hair ties, Stuffed animals

Grill, Remote control crane, Jumping Pillow

Army set
X box 360 split second
Ant farm
Logo set

Dear Santa,

I was very good this year. Please can I have a little cook-up for my babies? I would also like a muffin holder, toy muffins for my babies, a make juice-thing, a little train pet, another baby crib for Lily’s baby, a little Christmas tree for my twin babies, toy Christmas decoration for the toy Christmas tree and don’t forget the star for the top, a little gate for my babies, a little baby table too, baby seats for the chairs, a little TV for my twin babies to watch while eating their muffins, two toy horses, a big pillow pet, Uno Moo game, a little poky ball with my name on it, my own Tinkerbelle with a toy grasshopper, a toy lamp, and a doll house for my toy Tinkerbelle. And a little picture farms.

Thank you.
Love, Aveela

I'm bettin' on Aveela


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