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Monday, March 27, 2006

Making Plaids out of denim

The four actors chosen to become the Plaids, that 50's tight harmony group whose world ended when Elvis debuted on The Ed Sullivan Show, in Forever Plaid, the first repertory musical of the 2006 season in the Round Barn Theatre, arrived today. Daniel Gaouette, a Maine native, will become Frankie, Jason Sofge, from Brooklyn, Smudge; Killian Patton, from upstate New York, Sparky, and Paul Radford, from St. Louis, Jinx. They met Brett Schrier, the director at 10:00 and began rehearsal at 11:00. Tomorrow they spend the morning in the costume shop with Jan Tobias before returning to the piano after lunch. They will spend the next two and one half weeks shedding their blue jeans and sneakers becoming by opening night the Plaids. It is a wonder to watch unfold, imagine the magic they will create on stage.


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