Amish Acres

Amish Acres® Historic Farm and Heritage Resort is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is America's most complete Amish heritage experience featuring historic interpretation, culinary and performing arts, lodging, and shopping.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Letter from the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau

On behalf of the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau (EECVB), it's a pleasure to extend our appreciation for the contributions Dick Pletcher and the Pletcher Family have made delivering outstanding cultural experiences to both residents of Elkhart County and visitors to our community.
For 25 years, Plain and Fancy at Amish Acres has been a mainstay for musical theare and family entertainment in Elkhart County. This timeless story of Amish life and love and excellence of the production continues to be a major attraction in our destination, exceeding visitor expectations.
Quality entertainment such as Plain and Fancy and Amish Acres' Arts & Crafts Festival creates a reason for people to visit our community. The positive experience those visitors have while they are here is the reason they return year after year and contribute so positively to the Elkhart County economy.
Congratulations on celebrating 25 years of presenting Plain and Fancy to legions of happy audiences!

Diana Lawson, FCDME
Executive Director

Monday, July 18, 2011

Arts and Crafts Festival Info for your Smart Phone

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Scan our black and white box with you’re QR scanner app and easily access the 2011 Arts and Crafts Festival Info on YOUR Smart Phone!

Amish Poems

The folks you know as Amish
Are a rare and simple kind,
Their religion, faith and living
Is one that you'll rarely find.

They dress with plainess and modesty
And put their trust in God
They believe the teachings of our Lord
And on this Earth he trod.

The Bible is their companion true
With the family it's daily read
They try to live each day as their last
Like their Lord and Master said.

They never go to war
And never swear and oath
Yes means Yes and No means No
And they try always to speak the truth.

They also are a human being
Like everyone they mistakes make
They try to lead a God-fearing life
For their Loving Masters Sake.

Written By: Rebecca Helmuth
April 25, 1996

A n 80 acre historic farm.
M ay come to your wandering mind.
I n Nappanee it makes its home.
S implicity in the place you'll find.
H ave you ever dreamed of wandering.

A round an Amish farm.
C ome visit with the friendly folks.
R est far away from harm.
E nergetic, smiling people, here at the farm you'll find.
S omeone who can answer questions, and also will be kind.

Written By: Rebecca Helmuth
April 25, 1996
Come Enjoy A Day At Amish Acres!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nappanee Chamber of Commerce Proclamation

Whereas, Amish Acres works with the business, merchants, and industry to advance the civic, economic, professional, and cultural life of the City of Nappanee; and
Whereas, Amish Acres has contributed to the civic, cultural, and economic life of Nappanee for 41 years; and
Whereas, this year marks the 25th Anniversary of Amish Acres production of Plain and Fancy; and
Whereas, Amish Acres and its employees exemplify the Embrace the Pace lifestyle of Nappanee; and
Whereas, Amish Acres encourages the growth of the Arts in our community; and
Whereas, Amish Acres has succeeded in bringing together the Amish and the English through the production of Plain and Fancy and
Whereas, Amish Acres has dedicated the past 25 years to Plain and Fancy, along with dedicating the Joseph Stein stage, author of Plain and Fancy; and
Whereas, Plain and Fancy has surpass over 3600 performances and viewed by over 344,000 attendees
Now, Therefore, I, Jeff Kitson, Executive Director of the Nappanee Chamber of Commerce, do hereby proclaim July 16, 2011 as

Plain and Fancy Day
In the City of Nappanee and call its significance to the citizens of the City of Nappanee. In Witness Whereof, DONE, this sixteenth day of July, 2011

Jeff Kitson
Executive Director
Nappanee Chamber of Commerce