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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Return of the Jones

Pastor Rick and Lois Jones from Michigan City, Indiana celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Amish Acres Restaurant today. That has happened before. They, however, have celebrated each of their twenty five anniversaries in the restaurant at Amish Acres. That likely hasn't happened. They were greeted by Lisa who presented them with fresh cut flowers from the farm's gardens, a loaf of Amish Acres hearth bread and basket of goodies. This photo that includes your's truly was taken soon after their arrival and just thirty minutes after I wrote a letter to Mr. Esposito from Chicago who was extremely disappointed in our Sunday buffet two days ago. He likely won't be celebrating his anniversary with us, but every day we work at making Amish Acres special enough that the Jones return each year and add to their memories of this special place.


Blogger Lois Jones said...

Thanks are not enough for such a wonderful surprise this year! We were elated with the special treatment and service. We had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary at Amish Acres. The special gift basket was so much appreciated. We never expected that. You can bet we'll be back next year and as many more as possible, Lord willing. It's something we look forward to each and every year. Here's to the next 25, as usual, celebrating with the Threshers Dinner in our favorite place!
Thank you so very much!!
Rick and Lois Jones

2:24 AM  

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