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Thursday, October 23, 2008


During this presidential campaign when questions of character seems to get more attention than questions of policy, I was recently reminded of Indiana State Senator Marvin Riegsecker's character at his viewing. He served twenty years before retiring because of his illness.

Senator Riegsecker was a model public servant, or citizen-legislator, as he liked to describe himself. As former pharmacist, he was well trained to listen to the concerns of those he served. His agendas were behind the scenes. He likely did more for children with disabilities than any other member of the legislature, but his contribution never made the front page. He was gentle, modest, friendly, and always proud of the people and community he represented. After two decades he still considered it the greatest privilege of his life.

I believe most elected officials try to emulate these character traits, but they are most often hidden by our interest in simplifying our leaders into sound bites.


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