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Sunday, March 23, 2008


I've been waiting to hear from The Tonight Show for permission to use the recylced Headline from Amish Acres. I'm giving up and moving on. Easter seems a good time to start anew. Talk about waiting. President Bill Clinton and Chelsea are coming to northern Indiana tomorrow, Dyngus Day, to celebrate with the Democrats on the west side of South Bend and mention that their wife and mother is running for president.

Their visit reminds me of Governor Orr who came to Amish Acres in 1981 while he was campaigning, sat down in our restaurant with me for a cup of coffee and began asking what sounded like sincere questions about our business. Before I could offer up any wisdom for him to take back to Indianapolis, a aide rushed up and said he was sorry but they were in the wrong place and had to high tail it to the B&B Restaurant downtown. Governor Orr told me he was sorry he had to leave abruptly, but he would be back. He was even a Republican and I'm still waiting.


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