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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Good Deed

Amish Acres 51st Arts & Crafts Festival always provides plenty of opportunities to be nice to people. After all over 300 of our vendors, who come from 35 states, are away from home; not a good feeling when troubles arise. We received this letter from an outside observer.

Good morning Jenny,

It is Saturday morning and I don't want to wait a moment longer to let you know about a good deed That I witnessed last evening.

I went back to my tent after supper and as I walked along the drive from the Inn there was a huge motor home and equally huge trailer mired in the mud.

Two crafters, a husband-and-wife, I don't know their names, were attempting to help the driver move his motor home out of the mud onto the pavement. They had detached the trailer from it. I watched a few minutes and then walked on to my booth.

By the time I got back someone on your staff had arrived and the motor home had been pulled out. But the trailer remained and was not at a good angle with the road.

Having nothing else to do, I stayed and watched the rest of the activity. One of your guys used a forklift to lift the hitch area and was able to move the trailer enough so that Another man could back one of your pickup trucks to it and get it hitched.

And then success! When thanked they said that without that it would have been just any other event. All three of them appeared to enjoy the challenge of figuring out the best way to get it done.

I wish that I could tell you their names. Two were wearing your peacock blue shirts.

For that man and his wife they were truly angels in disguise. The crafter told me that they Are not in the show, just stopped to come in and see it.

Bonnie Oliver


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