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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nunsense A-men - a Priest's Review

We hosted protesters on our sidewalks on opening night of Nunsense, Amen; a group of men and boys who were carrying signs that said, "The End is Near. Repent". The police kept them moving for several hours. Upon querry, none of the group had ever been to The Round Barn Theatre nor seen Nunsense, Amen. Obviously to them, dressing five me as Catholic nuns and presenting a humorus story about them was sacriledgus to the protesters, assured that they were standing in for every good Catholic. They just never met Father Bob.

Bremen, Indiana
June 17, 2013

My Dear Brothers (“Sisters?”)!

May the Lord’s blessings continue to bring you Heaven’s peace and prosperity as you all continue bringing us His great joy and hope!

Seriously? You guys are awesome! You nailed- not only the sisters’ costumes (and songs), but also their mannerisms and that distinct way all nuns seem to talk! Wow! I don’t know which of you impressed us the most!

Mr. Smith- your scene- (“sin?” hahaha) with Sister Marionette was brilliant and your country twang was just beautiful! You need to make your own Nashville Album!

Mr. Morris! You can really dance! And your ability to stay in character (and hold those low notes!) really sold the whole show!

Oh my gosh! Mr. Littlejohn! “Holier than Thou” is my my favorite song from the whole work- and you nailed it! I’ll be singing that for weeks now! Plus, your willingness to draw the whole audience up onto the stage really brought the entire theater to life!

Mr. Jackson! I have never been to a performance before where the actors actually made eye contact with the audience- but you do! And that’s awesome! You make everybody feel like an important part of the production. But… I felt the worst for you! You had to do all the same dancing as everybody else, but your shoes look a lot less comfortable… :( a real sister would say, “Offer it up!” J You’ll certainly “get your reward in Heaven!”

And Mr. Scott! Ha! It sure was hot- when you got us all laughing so hard that our sides were splitting!!! It may be hard to be a “Reverend Mother,” but there isn’t anybody who wouldn’t want to join your group! (If I had more free time, I’d audition at Amish Acres!) (As it is- I’ll just have to get me some season tickets.)

And the music! Give those guys bonus checks! Mr. Brennan didn’t make one mistake in three hours! Wow! If that’s not magnifying the talents God gave you I don’t know what is!

Anywho- Here’s something for Sister Mary Amnesia- Paul: as a (real) Priest, I get all kinds of… stuff… in the mail- (you donate to one monastery and look!) – I thought maybe you all would use it for quiz prizes in future shows?

And if you ever get any time to sit around a fire and relax this summer, here’s some Smore makin’s. If not- Sorry- you can eat everything individually!

And I’m just a town away- if any of you ever need a Priest for anything, just let me know! Our office line here is 546-3601. I can’t wait to get over to the Acres again to see you all real soon! Many

Thanks! Much love! Every Blessing!
Fr. Bob


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