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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Moist Turkey

Although turkey is one of the most succulent of fowl, the white meat tends to dry out more quickly that other birds (chicken comes to mind before quail, capon, pheasant, duck, and ostrich). To many moist turkey is an oxymoron. Therefore turkey is usually served in some processed form. Thirty years ago while on a furniture buying trip to North Carolina we ran across a rib shack where the ribs were so moist we had to ask the secret. The chef not only told us his secret, he showed it to us. In the kitchen was a stainless steel box the size of a pickup bed with a lid. Inside were glowing red rods along the top and bottom of the box. A timer on the side controlled the intermittent infrared rays that do not rely on any intermediary to conduct heat - it works directly on the molecules in its path going directly from the source to the food being cooked. Thus the ribs were being cooked from the inside out, opposite from open flame cooking! The moisture was retained in the meat as it cooked from the inside out.

Our chef not only cooked the ribs, he made the oven. Because we cook these 30 pound plump birds, we had a customized oven made to accommodate the additional height required. To our knowledge we are the only restaurant roasting turkey in this way. Maybe this is why I am too busy serving our customers to write this blog every day.


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