Amish Acres

Amish Acres® Historic Farm and Heritage Resort is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is America's most complete Amish heritage experience featuring historic interpretation, culinary and performing arts, lodging, and shopping.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Baking with the Miller Sisters

The Miller sisters, Ruth and Freida, have been cooking and baking at Amish Acres for a combined thirty three years! They bring their no nonsense culinary skills to Amish Acres famous Threshers Dinner and create a dining experience that echoes the farm family’s dinner table of a century ago. Now groups can come to Amish Acres bakery and make, bake, and take their own Shoofly pie. It’s the stickiest hands-on experience groups can get into. Sister Kathy is the redheaded whirlwind whose smile greats every bus of guests that arrive at Amish Acres.

The Amish Adventure Elderhostel group is here this week taking in lectures and field trips that provide insight and education into the Amish society and culture. All twenty participants are Elderhostel veterans. Among the cities and eight states from where they hail, are included Orlando, Florida, seattle, Washington, Mill Valley, California, and Romeo, Michigan. Anne Johnson of Lincoln, Nebraska has experienced over fifty Elderhostels in the twenty years of the international organization's thirty year history. She has ridden freighters off of South American, but she never baked a shoofly pie!


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