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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Forever Plaid could run forever here

Forever Plaid opened to a whooping audience of employees and guests last night. This musical phenomonom is amazing. With a minimum of set pieces, a couple of boxes of props, a single pianist on stage, and four eager four-part harmony guys, it fills the house with this thing we call life where perfection is constantly pursued but never reached by us human beings. So we find ourselves rooting for these guys who give it everything they've got even though they know it is their last gig.

The Hively's from Wabash found me after the show to say their children had given them season tickets for the first time and the show they were least looking forward to was Forever Plaid. They had seen it before in a dinner theatre where the actors simply stood behind four mics and sang. They were wowed by the staging, crisp dinner jackets (these are the same four guys who arrived in early April in the denim) and antics of our production and left enriched and refreshed by their visit and attendance. We're now in the process of cloning the Hively's.


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