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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Indiana University Basketball Coach

As Dr. Joe was glueing my first crown on my back molar, with my mouth wide open and filled with tools, he asked me who I thought should be the next Indiana University Basketball coach now that Mike Davis has resigned. I know this serious Hoosier question seems to have little to do with Amish Acres; however, it surely has a lot to do with Indiana and its perception as the most rabid of all basketball states. Since I couldn't speak, Dr. Joe threw out names, hoping to get a nod. Names like Steve Alford, Rick Majaris, and Randy Whitman. After I finally got to rinse, I said, "Could Charlie Weiss do both jobs?" He has certainly filled our hotel rooms again on University of Notre Dame home football games. Think of everyone who would come to Indiana and stay over night to see him coach Notre Dame football and Indiana basketball!


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