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Monday, February 20, 2006

Inspiration for Amish Acres Blog

I spent all of last Thursday attending a workshop entitled "Light the Fire." It was organized by Larry Andrews through the Nappanee Chamber of Commerce and featured Jack Schultz, author of "Boomtown USA: 7 1/2 Keys to Big Success in Small Towns." As I have attended such workshops over the years more times than I can remember, my expectations were limited because of previous experiences. Jack, however, got my attention and held it throughout his presentation about the new "Agurbs," his trademark name for the vast section of America outside of Standard Metropolitian Statistical Areas (SMSA). The smaller communities across this country outside of the SMSA's account for untold economic growth, creativity, and vitality. He has put a face on the contributions to the American economy of those entrepreneurs who have reinvented their communities through ingenuity and positive attitudes.

Jack was later the featured speaker at the Nappanee Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet. I hope others were as inspired as I was. I had the previlege to present the Business of the Year Award to Nappanee Window. Nappanee Window was listed in the Inc. magazine's Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies at number 299, with three years revenue growth north of 400%, and they don't make windows! They do make doors and ramps for high end RVs so toys like scooters, bicycles, even cars can be carried in the back of major motor homes.

A new 90,000 square foot building with plans of adding a duplicate building beside it within two years is a model for an efficient manufacturing plant that can compete with anyone in the world building their chosen product lines.

So from Jack's blog at his Boomtown USA website, I have been inspired to tell the story of Amish Acres as it unfolds within the Nappanee community from time to time.


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